F_gal by K.Nikoloff

Hello, Dears…

From long time I’m waiting for the right moment  to introduce you to my world, its characters and beautiful moments which I spend with my family every day.. My name is Kalina Nikolova and I am a mother of two wonderful, little princesses.  I’m 27 years old, my birth town is Gabrovo and now I am happily married in Blagoevgrad..

“The case” which is actively engaged in the time that I don’t share with my girls is PhD  thesis, which developed the topic: “Sociocultural portrait of women on the Internet” or more specifically – the influence of Internet services and features in the lives of women in Bulgaria. So Ladies, I expect  your help, ideas and views about life … Continuing with the intro, it is important to acquaint you with the other person  in our “la dolce vita”, our wonderful father – George. The man who always stands behind me and supports all my ideas, always with a charming, warm smile, waiting for another surprise…

The main purpose of my blog is to share with you my ideas of fashion and beauty. The way I see, understand and recreate Fashion and style tendenz.  I’ll be glad, my style and my modern girl F-Gal , to appeal to talented people and talk about the different styles and type of fashion, because u know: “fashion is the highest form of communication.” Use it correctly, with love, expressing yourself properly!

Enjoy your reading ….